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How do I get a permit.

  • Permits are issued by the forest department. There are 30 permits issued per time out of which 15 are advance permits and 15 are current permits. Advance permits can be booked online on where as current permits are issued on a daily basis an hour before the start of the safari timing. Availability of permits on a daily basis is shown by the Forest Department at the office. you will have to arrange for the same yourself, because the forest department requires the visitor himself should fill up the permit form.

What is the best time to see a lion:

  • It is commonly maintained that 06.30 AM and 03.30 PM are the best times to see a lion but the law of averages work here. Generally if a lion is spotted on a route. He stays on that route for a couple of days. In winters however, 09.30 am is a better time, all this though is hearsay, there is nothing to suggest that if there is sighting at one time, there will be sighting at all given point of times.

Do we get to see a lion on a guaranteed basis?

  • No one can guarantee to show or spot a lion, it is all based on a luck factor. One must notice that in the entire India, there are many tiger safari reserves. Tigers are generally solitary animals, but lions generally maintain a pride (a group of lions), hence the probability of seeing a lion is much higher.

Can we use our own vehicle?

  • Yes, you can take your own vehicle to the Jungle provided this is a Bharat/Euro III model. The guards shall check you on entry for your RC and license. It is suggested that you restrict using your own vehicle due to the jungle roads.

How can we take current permits?

  • The permits issue centre issues permits an hour earlier that the safari timings depending on the day, weekday, weekend, holiday etc. The queue to get the permits starts much in advance. One needs to stand in a queue with original ID card and a pen to fill up the permit form, much in advance. During festival times, the queue for the 06.30 am permits starts sometimes at 09.00 pm on the previous evening.

What are the routes/preferable routes?

  • There are 8 designated routes which are offered for the safari by the Forest Department. One can only drive on these 8 routes. The route on which your vehicle shall go along with a government approved guide depends on the route given on your permit. Forest guards check and fine you heavily if you are not on your given route. If you are taking two safaris and unable to see a lion on the first given route, you can request forest officials to allocate another route on the basis of first permit.

Can we take our cameras inside the forest?

  • Any camera which is less than 7 MP can be taken and is free of charge. In case of a camera more than 7MP, the carges for Indians is Rs. 100/- and for a foreigner, Rs. 500/-

What are the available safari packages with the Hotel?

  • Advance Permits.

Please book your advance permit on the hotel does not give any guarantee for the permit or hold any responsibility for the permit as it is entirely in the hands of the Forest Department to issue the permit.

  • Current Permits:

The hotel does not arrange for the current permit as the guests are required to fill up the application form in person one hour before the start of the safari.

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